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I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive web applications. I want to be involved in projects that I can be proud of, join an amazing team, and advance my design and development career. When I'm not coding or pushing pixels, you'll find me playing the guitar at a local venue in Atlanta. Take some time to look at my work, credentials, and if you're interested in hiring me, let's get in touch.

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< Ashby's Apps />

Ashby’s Apps is a portfolio that has a colorful and unique design. I used some fun animation, and an iPhone slider that displays applications. Definitely checkout the blog, it’s definitely the highlight of the website…Oh and feel free to notice how responsive it is on mobile.

Tools Used: AngularJS, jQuery, Foundation, Parse -REST API, HTML5/CSS3

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< Secret Sauce Live />

This website in particular is exciting because this is my cover band’s site. The band definitely enjoys using my ability to code. Feel free to check us out for upcoming parties or because you want to see something I’ve created.

Tools Used: Foundation, jQuery, Parse, -RESTAPI, HTML/CSS

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< Rustic Portfolio />

The creation that you are currently starring at is meant to display the passion I have for design and handcrafted websites. It took approximately 4 days with about ten french pressed cups of dark roasted coffee

Tools Used: jQuery, Foundation, HTMl.CSS Photoshop,

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< TMC />

It was a pleasure rebuilding this website. I originally made this website from word press before I knew how to code, but I re designed it and made it from scratch. It definitely felt good to go above and beyond to help share TMC’s story.

Tools Used: Foundation, jQuery, HTML/CSS

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< Mealtime Memories />

Dedicated to the generation who will not have their great grandmothers stuffing for thanksgiving every year. Mealtime Memories is a web application inspired by the greek recipes passed down from generations in my family. You'll always have access to the sacred recipes that are meant to be shared throughout a lifetime.

Tools Used: Angular JS, jQuery, Bourbon/Neat, HTML/CSS Parse

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< Sakura Sushi />

A project that taught me the value of teamwork . It reminds me how far we have come as front end developers and how much we share the love of sushi… Oh and how to properly merge multiple branches into one master branch.

Tools Used: jQuery, Bourbon/Neat, Flickr API, HTML/CSS

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HTML/CSS: Preprocessor tools - SASS, Bourbon/Neat. CSS/HTML Frameworks - Foundation, HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML Canvas, Git
Javascript Libraries: Angular JS, Backbone JS, jQuery, Underscore.js, Ember JS.

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